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 Hitomi Suzume the sparrow of the north

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Hitomi Suzume


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PostSubject: Hitomi Suzume the sparrow of the north   Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:20 pm

Name: Hitomi Suzume
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125 lbs
Birthday: Oct 7th
Race: Human
Blood Type: O+
Hobbies: Trying to remember who she is and where she is from.
Favorite Food: What ever she can get
Least Favorite: never had any
Eye color: Purple
Kekkei Genkai: Mohō surugon
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Missing ninja
Home Village: Unknown
Quote: "Your power will add to my hunt"
Goal: Find her home and maybe a place where she would belong.

Bio: At a young age Hitomi could not remember who she was or where she was from. She wondered the ninja world as a beggar and a poor girl. She was traveling along a village hidden in the sand when she stumbled forward running into a man that had been walking. She looked up seeing nothing but sand around her. It was Gaara of the desert he looked down angry at her. "You are in my way." His dark voice came out to her as he lifted his hand. "Sand coffin!" The sand enclosed around her and as she screamed her eyes changed suddenly glowing a deep purple as sand from the ground shot up enclosing around her in a protective shell. Gaara stepped back looking at her his eyes in shock. "You are interesting." He said darkly looking at her as the sad fell from around her she looked around in awe. "How did I do that?" She asked in shock of her own power. "Your power is the same as mine." Gaara said as he held his hand out to her. "Your like me." She took his hand and stood. "Come I will teach you how to use the sand." Gaara said as they walked. She trained with Gaara for at least three years honing the power of the sand as Gaara taught her every thing he could she could not master it as well as her teacher. She finally left the sand village and began traveling is was in these travels she learned her true power. One day as she walked she came across a man with white hair his body seemed frail but he stood watching flowers of a field. She began to walk past him but he turned his head looking at her. "Forgive me but I can not allow you to continue." She stoped and looked at him. "Excuse me?" She asked looking at him with a dark look she had gained from years with Garra. "It is the will of my lord that any with potential be taken to see him." She began laughing darkly. "You fool do you know who I am? I am Hitomi Suzume Trained by Gaara himself you hold no power over me!" She said as she stood there glaring. The boy nodded "Very well I will be forced to take you with or without your will." He rushed at her his speed almost inhuman as he reached to his shoulder pulling a long sword of bone from his body. "The hell is that?" Hitomi exclaimed as she jumped back slightly sand from the ground shot up as her eyes glowed with the same purple as the first time she used the sand. The sand took the blow from the bone as Hitomi moved back. "Your freaky bones are no match to the power of my sand." The boy rushed more. "Willow Dance!" He called his strikes coming faster and stronger than before Hitomi Jumped back out of the way trying to dodge but the boy was too fast his bone sword came in from her side about to finish her when her eyes began to glow brighter. From her side three ribs shot out deflecting the blade than sinking back into her. She stood in shock as did the boy. "How did you use the power of my clan?" The boy asked looking at her in shock. "I...I don't know." She said looking at him as shocked as he was. The boy steped back placing the bone back into his shoulder. "Go." He said looking at her. "What do you mean go?" She asked looking confused. "You hold the power of my clan I will not do battle with family if your path lies ahead than go now." She nodded looking at him. "Thank you." She said and vanished from place leaping off into the forest. From that time on she learned to hone her powers learning the limit of this copying ability. Her past still shrouded in a dark fog she hopes one day to figure out who she really is and maybe where she is from.
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Raita Kurokaji


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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Suzume the sparrow of the north   Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:00 pm

NICE! That was fun to read...cant wait to face you in a fight oooor, something lol.

It is inevitable Humanity is broken and thus we will destroy ourselves in the end
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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Suzume the sparrow of the north   Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:02 pm

Not bad a new person with a powerful bloodline trait
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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Suzume the sparrow of the north   

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Hitomi Suzume the sparrow of the north
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