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 Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)

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PostSubject: Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:42 am

I wanted to use Japanese for the Title if that's alright and I will write the Starter during my Day at School alright once everyone is ready post that you are

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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:03 am

(Ok here's the Starter)

One day while walking with Jiraiya Sensi was the Jinchuuriki of the Nine tailed fox Kyuubi. His name was Naruto Uzumaki..he was about 15-16 years in age old, his hair was yellow, His eyes blue and his ego bigger then his height. Jiraiya gave Naruto something to do for awhile while he went off to do his "Research" which was mostly doing perverted things not too surprising. What really pissed him off more then that was the fact Jiraiya knew they were going to train today which now was cancelled. So Naruto decided to practice by himself using the Fox hoping to gain more control over four tails perhaps more. Kyuubi was quite a beast constantly trying to get free however he has not succeeded yet. After training a bit he made no advance in control on four tailed him cause the fact he couldn't get to it. His anger wasn't strong enough so it did not show. "Stupid pervy sage...he always has to do his perverted stories" Naruto complained to himself. The wind which was blowing east now changed direction to the west. "Hmm I'm starving a bowl of Ramen would be nice" Naruto said and rushed to Ichiraku's. Walking into Ichiraku he sat down smiling. "Hey Naruto it's been awhile how's a bowl of Ramen" Ichiraku asked. Naruto couldn't refuse that offer and his smile got bigger. Walking in was an old friend with silver hair. "I'd thought I'd find you here Naruto" The man said. Naruto quickly turned around to see the man. "Kakashi Sensi" Naruto said excited. They talked a bit before Kakashi had to go and left Naruto with Jiraiya who just walked in. "Naruto get some rest we'll train tomorrow" Jiraiya mentioned and vanished. Naruto knew he was going to do his research excuse tomorrow anyway so he went back into the woods to train again. This it was Rasengan practice Naruto decided to do this time. He quickly charged and formed it and struck a rock leaving a huge gap in it before it crumbled.
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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:06 pm

I was sitting in a tree eating an apple I had picked from it. I yawned almost falling asleep before hearing a loud noise and the shatter of a rather large rock. I had just been out on one of my daily walks. I looked down from the tree branch and my eyes widened at what I saw.[The..Kyuubi?"] I asked myself inwardly, not actually having seen him for myself, I only had a description of the young boy. I yawned again with a sigh."So much for a nap" I said outwardly before jumping from the tree. I wasn't wearing my usual Akatsuki robe or anything so people wouldn't react to my appearance, But i did have my headband tied around my neck. I blinked a few times watching the boy practice with an attack only the Fourth Hokage Used when I was still in the village. "That's quite an attack for such a young kid." I said placing one hand on my hip balancing most of my weight on one leg.

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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:36 pm

In the evening, the sun had begun to set over the mountains as the moon would be brought out within an hour at tops. Animals within the forest knew of the hour and made sure to keep themselves out of sight for now, since night time was never a safe time to be out and about with all the creatures looking around. The time of day was about 7pm, still early but not too late either. The moon looked as though it was just about to defeat the morning sky. Walking among the forest, was a female in fact, heading in the general direction of the town of Konohagakure. She had been walking on hours to get here for her home in Houkagakure was very far away high up in the mountains. She wore a black cloak clung to her body, her hood over her head. It was natural that down in the area of the valley it was more bound to rain here, so she wore this in case of the unexpected downfall. Upon almost reaching the exit of the forest she ran into what seemed like two strong scents up ahead that would get in her way. If she were to walk all the way around them without being sensed, it would take another hour out of her time in which she really had no care to attempt. Walking passed them would be her choice. As she passed through the tree's that shrouded her body, with her hand she moved a tree branch peering to see two individuals speaking with one another. Both caught her eye in fact. The girl was Raita, a very very old acquaintance she had not seen in years, while the teenage boy reeked the scent of demon all over him, it was nostalgic to say the least. When the scent reached her nostrils instantly Kotsune was in a fit of laughter within her for he knew what demon the boy carried, it was none other than the Kyubi.
"Oh ho...This boy has that little fox in him. The two of us use to quarrel back in the day, what will you do, Miharu?" He asked in the back of her mind as Miharu shrugged him off not really finding his voice of opinion that important. She walked out of hiding and removed her hood from her head, revealing her wavy brown hair that stretched down to her chest in length, as her eyes pierced the both of them, giving a fake smile to seem innocent.
"Well...This is amusing. That I would find this while passing through..." she chuckled sheepishly to herself and smirked.
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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)   

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Kitsune no akuma ya ōkami oni (Miharu, Naruto and Raita unless you pm one of us)
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