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 Setsu Heel's Bio

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Setsu Heel


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PostSubject: Setsu Heel's Bio   Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:45 pm

Setsu Heel, a young woman who was half Japanese but also half American. Though she was no mortal human, she's a Angel of Darkness. Although her older Brother Cain Heel was nothing more but a demon who had taught her how to control fire, which other Angel's of Darknesses did not possess. Her bright blonde hair with bright pink tips, stood out in the crowd of people in the part of Japan she was in. Her high black leather boots clicked and clanked as the chains along them jingled every time she moved her feet with each step. Out of boredom her tongue played with her lip peircing which was chained to her earing.

She wore her usual leather jacket like in this picture above. Her flat stomach was visable along with her belly button. Although instead of her usual mini skirt Her brother made her switch these shorts that were pretty much the same length as her usual skirt.

Walking along the street of a brightly lit city, she stroded along passing many people. Men, Women, and Teenagers... but mostly Men... all the men were starting to get closer and closer as she continued to walk down the sidewalk. Setsu noticed that half of these men were just old farts and just simply ignored them, although those who were actually good looking she would smile and if their 'hot meater' was high enough she would wink at them. If her older brother Cain Heel found out that guys were pretty much all over her he would immediately try and kill every single one of them. Being the protective brother he had always been if a guy would even glance at his little sister, he would immediately glare for a warning. ALTHOUGH, since Cain isn't here... that doesn't mean that she can't have a little fun flirting. ;3

Secretly upon Setsu's back was what humans would call it, a tattoo... her tattoo was just a simple pair of black wings but in a very unique design. What humans don't know is that it's actually a symbol of the Angel of Darkness... Yeah, she's one of the Angels of Darkness. Angel's of Darknesses were the only ones who had to life among the human mortal world forever. For once an Angel has commited a crime they were not able to live in Heaven for they have forever turned bad. Nor could they live in Hell for they were angels... only devils who are devils were allowed to be in there. And so Angel's of Darknesses lived among the living, human, mortals stretching on forever no chance of ever getting back.

Usually Angel's of Darknesses would loose their angel powers because the sin they had commited. And so their powers were taken away. Living in the human world they would only be able to fly and be able to use a few small magic spells. But Setsu isn't the usual angel of Darkness. Oh no! She has her older brother. A Demon. Cain, Cain Heel. The only person who had been there for her and who had taught her to control fire. Making the fact that they can't die easily even more like she could be unstoppable.

Although the only way for them to die... was a secret that is meant to be kept only to those who ARE Angel's of Darknesses. How stupid would it be for us to tell everyone on the only way we could die?... Yeah, like we're that idiotic.

There, from the hands of a young woman, Setsu Heel, that just seemed to be a normal mortal but was far from it... had killed many lives along with her borther, Cain Heel... and let me tell you, Setsu was no demon from Hell...... That's Cain.

She was... no IS an Angels of Darkness... and a powerful one at that... along with her attutide as though she really is a demon from Hell...
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Setsu Heel's Bio
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