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 Yori's Bio

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PostSubject: Yori's Bio   Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:51 pm

Name: Yori
Clan: Unknown (She was adopted from an orphanage in the Rock Village.)
Age: 16
Height: 5 "2
Weight: 120 lbs.
Kekke Genkai: Unknown (No one knows who her biological relatives were.)
Weapons: Kunai, Needles, Wire, and mostly herself.
Jutsu: Taijustu 50%, Ninjutsu 40%, Genjutsu 10%. She also focuses her chakra in her hands, feet, and sometimes weapons to make them more effective, even if it's tiresome.
Bio: Yori was raised at an orphanage in the Rock Village ever since she was found in what seemed to be a hidden village of an ancient civilization. This village was thought to have been a myth, until they found her. She seemed to be the only survivor of that village since all the people were slaughtered, yet they wondered how she got away. According to the last recorded data that they found but had to get Yori to translate for them, the village was at peace until "El Diablo" came to there village in the form of a man. Yori was the only one who knew he was evil, but he some how made everyone believe he was their friend. One night, he turned against them by transforming into his true form, the form of a giant snake. Everyone parrished, but because of her father, Yori managed to escape, even if it meant she was to be the only one to survive such a holocaust. She was 5 years old when they found her. She could only speak her native language at the time, Spanish. She used to be a very shy little girl. She would were a big sweeter with pants and shoes and a beanie that made her look like a little boy since she would stuff her hair in the beanie. The other little kids, who were girls, would pick on her because of the way she dressed, also she could hardly speak any english or japanese. Even the nurses who worked at the orphanage had no Idea she was a girl. There were these three boys called, Ryuk, Sen, and Po. Sen was the leader out of the three boys. He was considered the best of the best. Yori didn't like him though since he was a total jerk. One time, he picked on a boy with short blonde hair who also lives in the orphanage. He had bandages on his hands and probably all over his chest since you could only see the shoulder bandages. Yori then shouted at Sen stop even though she didn't know what it meant (She saw it on a sign and simply said it out loud) and eversince then, she and the blonde kid became friends. He taught her how to speak english and japanese. There was one time he even showed her his hands, but only his hands. One day, when Yori was assigned partners, Sen, Ryuk, and Po. She walked in on them beating up her new best friend. She then tried to stop them, but Po stopped her by taking off her beanie. Now everyone knew she was a girl. It was a shock to all five of them, including Yori since she didn't see this coming. Suddenly there was an explosion that killed Sen and his friends. Yori and the blonde kid was ok, but it turned out that he was the one who did it. It seemed like he was proud of it too since it seemed to be his first time. Yori now had no choice but to turn him in to the village council, but before she could get the chance, the blonde set off an explosion on her. It didn't burn her since it wasn't that closed, but it did leave her ending up having to go to the hospital. Yori never saw the kid eversince, and she swore that the next time, she won't be taken down that easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Yori's Bio   Sat May 26, 2012 2:37 am

Here are vids of her voices:

Japanese (Just the girl part):


Spanish (Just the girl part):
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Yori's Bio
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