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 Bec and Bane

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PostSubject: Bec and Bane   Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:43 pm

It was a beautiful day out. The year was 2013 with all the new technology going on and the changes were drastic compared to when I first lived. I was still getting used to living in this world now that I was back to life but with my hosts memories I was adjusting quickly. And with the help of Dervish, Grubbs' uncle who I lived with in his huge mansion out in Carcery Vale. I was out for a stroll in the woods admiring the scenery and checking to make sure the cave was clear of any unusual things. It may look like a cave to other people but inside was a gateway for demons to cross over into our world and vice-versa if it was somehow opened, which would require an incredible amount of magic...But it was still possible to open which unnerved me. I needed to protect it while I could. "What a day..." I said aloud to myself, laying in the thick grass that was taller than my body layn across it. I gazed up at the sky watching the clouds moving slowly in the sky.
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Bane Khrondel


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PostSubject: Re: Bec and Bane   Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:32 pm

Nowe's mother and father were out for the week. They trusted him not to draw any attention to himself, as they weren't supposed to live in the modern world. Because they were from a different era, they struggled to fit in at times, but after a few months they adapted quickly to the customs of modern folk. It was a nice and sunny day out, one of the few that began in the early summer. Nowe looked out his window of his room from the apartment complex he lived in by himself. Dashing to his dresser, he quickly strapped on a light, armored vest for protection, along with his small knife strapped to his side, and his short sword that hung from his back. After lacing up his boots and his arm guards that looked like arm bands, he threw over a button up dress shirt to cover up his odd attire. He checked in the mirror to make sure he blended in well on his way to the door, swung it open and left. He scurried down some stone steps to ground level and started jogging his way to the forest. He got a few weird looks along the way since not many people jogged in dress shirts, but nothing too suspisious. After crossing the final street, he lept over the fence and continued on towards the tree line. He slipped past trunks and dodged branches as he slithered his way through nature. Once he was far enough in, he started to unbotton his shirt as he ran, slipping it off and placing it into a small satchel that swung by his side, exposing his light armor and sword. He continued running, enjoying the burn in his legs and the wind that seemed to rush against him. Once he got to a clearing, his eyes widened. He pushed a button on his stop watched and sprinted even faster, seeing how long it would take him to make it across. He went faster and faster, watching out for small rocks and stumps along the way, until he got into the taller bits of grass and ran into something he didn't see coming. His foot kicked the side of some animal as he tripped and stumbled into the grass. He caught himself with his hands a bit, but because his foot jammed under the animal, he could not make a complete save, his face and body still hit the ground, clouding the air with dust as he weezed in a few breaths. He wiggled his foot loose and made his way back to his feet. He turned around to get a better look at what he just kicked, but it wasn't an animal at all, but instead another human girl that was laying in the grass. "Ah, oh my god, are you ok?" He asked the girl frantically.
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Bec and Bane
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