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 Mix and Match RP (Anyone can join and can be rated M if y'all want)

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PostSubject: Mix and Match RP (Anyone can join and can be rated M if y'all want)   Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:51 pm

(This topic is just meeting up with random characters whether they are OC or anime characters. This place is just a chance to meet people out of your usual friend group. lol. I know it kinda sounds a bit stupid but I think it sounds kind of interesting. It's an open RP so it can take place anywhere and about anything and rated whatever. I'll try to start because I"m pretty much improvising at the moment. lol. ) 
Tenten was out somewhere... She didn't really have any idea where but it was somewhere... She was originally going to just going to take a walk to relax since she had gotten back from a long term mission but it seems that that she was so lost in her mind that she wasn't paying attention to where she as heading towards. Since she actually hadn't realized it yet she continued walking thinking about life and she is as a person. Her hair was up in it's usual two buns and her usual outfit; a white and maroon mid sleeve shirt along with her maroon pants that had cut outs on her hips showing the bandage wrappings around her hips. She had also brought her large scroll that settled on her lower back; she felt that she always needed to be ready for an attack at anyplace at anytime and if there was none, then it was no big deal. Although the scroll was large and hen Tenten carried it, it looked as though it were as light as a feather but in reality most girls wouldn't be able to carry such a large scroll unless you had strength like in Gai-sensei's team. All three; Neji, Lee, and Tenten were trained by Gai who made them go through intense training so only a few people can carry Tenten's scroll. 

Finally realizing that she wasn't paying attention to where she as walking, Tenten looked around to see if she knew where she was at. 
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PostSubject: Re: Mix and Match RP (Anyone can join and can be rated M if y'all want)   Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:57 pm

"You look lost." sitting on a tree branch my legs hung over the side. This girl had been walking around for some time now and I found it in my best interest to watch her intently. It was so boring today. Brother had things to do with his cram school so I was free to roam about and do what I want. In reality that was probably the worst case scenario, allowing me to reign freedom in Assiah, but I paid no mind. I had enough time to dick around and find something to entertain myself. The reason I was up in this tall tree was because of my curiosity to see what fresh apples taste like without that processed crap in it from the produce market. It was sweet, just how I liked it. The girl seemed to notice my call out to her when she looked up, so I tossed her an apple. "Here, have one." My generosity was almost sickening but I let it slide this once.
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Mix and Match RP (Anyone can join and can be rated M if y'all want)
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