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 Valvatorez's Bio

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PostSubject: Valvatorez's Bio   Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:23 pm

Name: Valvatorez
Gender: Male
Age: 400+
Race: Vampire
Home: Hades, Netherworld
Before he lost his powers, Valvatorez was a powerful demon feared as The Tyrant. It is revealed that Fenrich was assigned by a person named Minotrose to assassinate Valvatorez for a reward of 100,000,000 HL. When Fenrich tried to trick Valvatorez and become his ally to study his behaviour, Valvatorez thought of him as an ally. Tyrant Valvatorez believed in the power of friendship and trusted Fenrich as a comrade. Valvatorez could defeat any demon that Fenrich made him fight and anyone who wanted the bounty on his head. Fenrich decided to quit trying to assassinate Valvatorez and decide to go after Minotrose, the person who hired him to assassinate Valvatorez.
Fenrich's plan to kill Minotrose and take his money had backfired on him when Minotrose took away his magic power and sealed off the moonlight so that Fenrich would be rendered powerless. Valvatorez had quickly came to rescue Fenrich from an incoming silver bullet fired by Minotrose that would had otherwise killed Fenrich. He took every silver bullet to protect Fenrich and helped him escape Minotrose's Demon Party HQ. Outside, Fenrich asked Valvatorez why he came to save him and Valvatorez told him that Fenrich was his comrade even if Fenrich joined him for the money. They decided to exact revenge on Minotrose for what he has done to them. Minotrose is defeated by the two of them and flees when Fenrich revealed that they were going to take him to Hades, the Neatherworld's Prison.
Fenrich told Valvatorez that he is the master that he has been searching for and vows to him in front of the moon that he will be Valvatorez's servant for as long as the moon shines.
Valvatorez had scared many humans and took as much blood as he wanted. He met Artina during a vampire hunt and wonders why she is not scared of him. Artina learns that he needs blood to survive and offers him, her blood. He refuses due to his pride and states that he will scare her in 3 days time. She makes him promise him to protect her due to an ongoing war but he had taken the promise lightly. Consequently, she is killed by spies of her own nation and Valvatorez decides that he will keep his promise, and all promises, no matter what; this being the cause of his power decline.

Unlike other demons, Valvatorez is a proud and noble demon who vows to keep every promise he makes especially the one he made with Artina. He is noted by Fenrich to be oblivious and gullible at times such believing to be in Fuka's dream and wondering why would Axel try to kill him when he thought of him as a comrade. He has a curiousity towards friendship and the power it can bring as noted in his DLC scenario and his statements of his camaraderie's power. Valvatorez is very dedicated to his job as a Prinny Instructor and often reminds other Prinnies of Prinny Rule No.1. He is very fond of sardines, mentioning that they give him some of his original power back and tries to persuade other characters into eating them as well. He does not display a craving for power as he declines to be the Netherworld President and enters the Netherbattle Tournament just to win a 1000 year's supply of sardines rather than ruling the Netherworld. Valvatorez also displays feelings towards Artina as he vows to protect her during the Final Episode, although he does not admit it towards others.
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PostSubject: Re: Valvatorez's Bio   Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:24 pm

(( I know it's rather late but I just wanted to welcome you to the site (if you're really new. lol. cuz there are people ho have multiple characters. loll.) BUT YEAH!! ))
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Valvatorez's Bio
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