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 Intruder (Yukio and Amaymon only)

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PostSubject: Intruder (Yukio and Amaymon only)   Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:00 pm

Glaring down from on top of a tree branch I watched the civilians walk down the pavement chatting and giggling. Some listened to their ipods, others rummaged through their purses or bags. In the world of Assiah I found myself this afternoon. I was sent to deliver a message to my elder brother Mephisto by our father Satan but I chose a different method to direct the message. I tapped the edge of my long sharp blackened nail on the branch I squatted on as it snapped instantly allowing me to fall. From how high up I was the fall took me a minimum of forty seconds until I plummeted to the ground landing on my feet. The impact of my feet created a small creator beneath my feet sending the dirt downwards, leaving a large circle where I stood. Looking around, no one had seen my entrance into the world. Not that I really cared if they saw though. It was my brother who didn't like me to make myself well known because of my careless personality and need to have fun. All demons liked to have fun. We were differentiated by what form of fun we chose to portray.

I reached into my pocket whipping out a yellow shaded cell phone and flipped it open. The screen lit up instantly showing the main menu. Running my thumb along the left side, I clicked the send button twice then moved the phone up towards my ear awaiting an answer impatiently. Ring...Ring...Ring...A beeping noise.
"Father wanted me to send you a message."
"Oh? And whatever could that be? Is he too cowardice to ask me himself?" Mephisto's tone seemed cheerful but serious. It was in his nature, he was a tempest and trickster and I knew this well. "Or does he wish to save me the trouble of asking me to come speak with him? If so, how sweet hng~"
"Father knows about our younger brothers. Their flames are growing unstable, I can feel them from Gehenna, so can father. To put it simply, its time to bring them back."
It went silent. I could hear a soft sigh from my brother on the other line of the phone. He must be thinking deeply. That was just like him too, trying to take matters into his own hands when he saw fit. He always chose the worst times to take control of things otherwise he watched from a birds eye view like a hawk watches its prey.
"I see. Well then, let the games begin." Click.

Flipping the phone closed, I replaced it with a lolipop and plopped it into my mouth. "I wonder how brother is going to react to brute force..." I thought to myself out loud. Mephisto could try to defend Yukio and Rin if i tried to take them, or he could watch from the sidelines and observe it like a type of game. It really was hard to undermine him. "Now...Where would he be on campus?"
I reached the True Cross Academy briefly after my entrance into Assiah. It didn't take me long to locate it considering I had been here multiple times, kept hidden by Samuel so the Exorcists wouldn't make a big deal about my whereabouts. I could keep a low profile...If I wanted to.

Inside the school. I didn't plan to hide my whereabouts, that would be rather pointless considering Mephisto already knew I was here. He was the principle of this school and there was no need to keep myself on guard from him. Other exorcists, perhaps, but none compared to the son of Satan and posed a threat to me. All of them were measly beings of minimal magical.

Finding the door I was looking for, I raised my leg and kicked the door sending it spiraling forward through the classroom into the wall on the other side forcing it to shatter into shards of wood. There were all sorts of magical barriers in this school but none of which were powerful enough to keep the likes of me out. This was child's play to me. I looked around the room seeing the frightened young exorcists. Quickly as I came in, they were just as quick to start creating spells to ward me off and stop me from getting any farther.
"Pathetic." I raised my hand above my head and outstretched my index finger then twitched it ever so slightly. The ceiling above them broke and fell on top of them, parting the room into two halves. The new barrier was solid enough that they would not be able to break through unless they somehow went around it but they were trapped, unfortunately. The door was on my half of the room, leaving them at a loss.

Averting my attention to the right, I grinned and bit down hard on my sucker cracking the lolipop allowing it to shatter and slide down my throat. It was Yukio who stood before me. "There you are." I spat what was left of the stick of my sucker at his face then outstretched my arm towards him, grabbing the collar of his vest-like coat. "Now where is your brother? Hm?"
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Intruder (Yukio and Amaymon only)
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