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 R.I.P. Hamster Sylvia

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Raita Kurokaji

Raita Kurokaji

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R.I.P. Hamster Sylvia Empty
PostSubject: R.I.P. Hamster Sylvia   R.I.P. Hamster Sylvia EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 11:55 pm

So my mom took in a hamster from one of our neighbors. She came here sick in a plastic drawer you could smell the urine in it and all that they had for it was a dirty shirt that smelled bad and a little bowel of bird seed and water. Anyway for 2 days we worked on trying to make it more comfortable we gave it good food and a nice home. she looked like she was doing better but...she died this evening.

My mom had just got home with 40$ worth of stuff for her real hamster food, bedding, a little hamster ball, and a wheel.

i made her a coffin out of a small box and taped it up good to make sure the cats couldn't smell her. then buried her under my black cherry rose bush. It was only 2 days but she liked me she tried to bite everyone else but me...I loved her already...

R.I.P Sylvia We loved you....

It is inevitable Humanity is broken and thus we will destroy ourselves in the end
R.I.P. Hamster Sylvia Demon
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R.I.P. Hamster Sylvia
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