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 Ookina's Bio

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Ookina Hikaru


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PostSubject: Ookina's Bio    Wed May 30, 2012 9:12 pm

(Ookina out fighting)

(Ookina in her band)

Name: Ookina Nina Hikaru
Age: 21
Powers: Can turn into A werewolf or werepire at will. Controls ice. Weilds swords.
Background: Ookina is a genetic experiment to create a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid. She was a success and was sent to protect a Bishop of the Anglican Church. The Bishop took her in as if she where his daughter. But the day came when the Church desided to get rid of the experiment. The Bishop sent Ookina to work for the Hellsing Family. They were thrown off when she ate meat and only drank animal blood. Human blood made her ill. She explained that the experiment was done so that if she ever drank human blood she'd end up being ill, which looked like someone afer having WAAAAAY too much spicy food. They welcomed Ookina and let her do day missions because she could walk in sunlight. When she came back she'd hang out with "Police Girl" and she called her "Fluffy" (I know Gabrial the comedian is called that shut up. tongue )

Ookina did concerts to help raise money for just about anything. (She sings like the lead in the band Halestorm.) If they needed funds she'd do underworld concerts for werewolves and vampires that DIDN'T hurt people. She hasn't seen Alucard though... Wonder were he is???


*Sirens going off* "LEVEL 5 LOCK DOWN. LEVEL 5 LOCK DOWN. ESCAPED EXPERIMENT. ALL PERSONEL BE ON GUARD. IF SPOTTED SHOT ON SITE." Ookina was running down the halls evading guards and scientists. She managed to get to the guard armry. she grabbed a few weapons and headed for the exit.
"Ookina stop!"
She stopped in a second. She turned and saw one of the scientists Ookina like was there.
"Come on, I'll take you to the exit."
Ookina pointed a gun at him and calmly said, "If you're lying, you'll die..."
They took off down the hall and at the end he started putting in a code.
"I contacted a friend to take care of you."
Ookina pointed the gun at the back of his head. "You lied... The experiment is over. You cant do anymore... You gave me away. Die."
He turned around and she fired right between the eyes. The door opened and five guards where around a man in clergy. "Drop 'em." The guard poked the gun. She grunted but kept her eyes on the clergy man. She dropped the guns and the guards moved out of the way. The clergy man smile and gave her a hug. Ookina had never been hugged before so she got wided eyed. "Come child! You are the new slayer of demons for the Anglican Church!" He was happy when he said that. Ookina tilted her head in confustion.

*Two years later*

Ookina had accepted her new keeper as her father, dad, so on. They went and had drinks, when hunting, everything together. But on this day she noticed he was acting funny. She came up from the basement of the house they lived in. And found her father sitting and the table with a glum look on his face. He was holding a letter from the church.
"What do they want...?" Ookina sat next to the Bishop and held his hand. He sighed and looked her with tearful eyes.
"The Church doesn't want to fight anymore. The Hellsing Family and Organization 13 will take over. They're telling me to send you to one. So I'm sending you to England to the Hellsing Manor." Ookina stood up in protest.
"But I like it here in the United States! I like living here with you! Can't I-"
"No. Now, please, go get ready." She didn't argue. She just nodded and got her stuff packed. The next day she was in England meeting "Sir" Hellsing. She didn't want to ask why she was called "sir" if she wasn't. Ookina just kept her mouth shut and nodded to answer question. And Ookina's been there ever since.
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Raita Kurokaji


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PostSubject: Re: Ookina's Bio    Thu May 31, 2012 1:10 pm

Two words "love" and "it"

It is inevitable Humanity is broken and thus we will destroy ourselves in the end
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Ookina Hikaru


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PostSubject: Re: Ookina's Bio    Thu May 31, 2012 7:43 pm

Two words back. "Thank you". Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ookina's Bio    

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Ookina's Bio
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