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 The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)

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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:19 am

(This is what I think of when you say Bec and Mephisto are alone in the car.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:01 am

(Stop calling me that! I'm not a pedo T_T Well yeah, of course he's going to try to pull something with Bec. He gets all the bitches ;D Hahaha, wow... alright then, c'mere Bec. Let's put words into actions ;DD xD )

And thus the contract has been sealed with a signature written in blood. Or rather, that was how demons normally confirmed a contract – I was the one who created the method after all. There was neither signing nor blood before me though. Only deceitful words set upon a foundation made of sand. Unstable, the contract could be broken at any given time. It did not even deserve to be called a contract; an ambiguous deal, yes, it was worthy of that title at least. How long could it stay standing before it collapsed? Ah, the outcome would serve to be most amusing! I smiled when Bec walked up to us, but my expression dulled into a troubled frown when she spoke. Take on Satan? Alone? Hah, the idea was hysterical! She wouldn't survive. That would just not do. I needed her alive. My smile returned when the priestess gave me a hug. I returned it, pulling her close, acting almost... protective? "Luck does not need to be called upon. I will not let you die. And that is a promise that I intend to keep." I murmured, tone gentle but having vicious intent. It didn't bother me that she would absorb a few of my many memories. We parted and I turned around to face lowly Lord Loss, bright green eyes narrowed maliciously, "Indeed." And the game is only just beginning...

I leisurely strolled over to where Lord Loss was and snapped my fingers, the same chair from earlier appearing once more. I sat down and made myself comfortable while the others were being summoned into the board. My younger brother had unknowingly chosen a side long ago and he stayed true to that decision. Good – he was stronger than my familiars. It would give us a better chance of winning, not that we would lose if otherwise. No, I was not planning on losing this game. I never lost. Though, Father would be displeased with Amaymon. You can't please everyone though, demon or not. Lord Loss was busy with picking out his own chess pieces so I may as well do finish up. I muttered quick words in a tongue unknown to any mortals, voice laced in with savage growls. I finished the spell with a snarl and, from a whirlwind made entirely of flames, my top familiar appeared. The lesser demon had three pairs of red eyes, and therefore, three heads. His height was matching a skyscraper at least, and his body was made entirely of black fur and scales; he resembled a dog. He had a mane of snakes and a serpent for a tail, all of which were snapping ferociously at the air. His teeth were as sharp and big as stalagmites and he possessed a lion's claws. Cerberus – guardian of the Gates of Hell. He's made quite a name for himself. We had a quick chat telepathically – I took the liberty of filling him in on the primary details of the situation – and then, after saying the same words that Amaymon had said, he was sucked into the board. Now with all of my pieces in play, I could label them their rank.

Bec would no doubt be the king. She was the most important piece. However, the king is also the weakest until the endgame; because of the state that she was in, it fit together perfectly. Beranabus would be the queen – after all, the queen did have the biggest range of action. Amaymon fit best as a rook. He was more powerful than the others and therefore his value went up. Grubbs would be the Bishop and Kernel would be the Knight. Cerberus would serve as a pawn. This game was not like your average chess game in many ways. One of those ways was the amount of chess pieces there were. In the normal game of chess, you have 1 king and queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, and 8 pawns. In this particular situation though, there were only 1 for each rank. I was fine with that – my pieces were powerful enough to make up for the lost numbers. Bec was on a white square, Beranabus on a black, Amaymon on a black, Grubbs on a white, Kernel on a white, and Cerberus on a black. Pleased with the outcome, I leaned back in the chair and folded my hands on my lap. I grinned, beckoning for Lord Loss to make the first move.

(I'm going to leave Satan outta the picture for awhile... he's just watching the game anyways, so there's not much to say for him. I'll start rping him again when i need to.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:07 pm

(I feel like this is a "Giving away free candy from a van" scenario. Lol the way he says Clitorous all dramatically sounds like he's saying it like its a monster or a dinosaur name. Cli-taur-us! It'll eat you. xD Btw, this post took SO much time to figure out considering I don't know how to play Chess.)

From the sky dark clouds began to form, lightening flashing everywhere. Satan did not budge nor did Lord Loss. They had already spoken and discussed how this game of chess was going to play out. They picked their pieces and with Satan being the ruler of hell, he could command these high demons at his will. They all were legendary, meeting them was an honor just as it is to be in Satan's presence and die by him. "Your father was generous enough to even the score, you should be thankful Mephistopheles." Satan looked down at Lord Loss, frowning that Lord Loss began to act so superior now that he had Satan's power on his side. He was wrongly mistaken. If he crossed the line any farther Lord Loss would not be apart of the bargain anymore and he was nearing it.
From the clouds shot down a raining mist of blood, as if the non-existent clouds in the sky sprayed blood instead of rain. The sky above was black, nothingness. It was oblivion, and from that oblivion, 6 deadly devils appeared from hell. Agares, the duke of eastern hell sat on a large crocodile. He took the form of an old man, a long black faded beard. The horns he had were hidden by a jester type hat on his head. A hawk flapped its wings, resting itself on the top of his hand. Its eyes were sharp and full of hate. Birds were bad luck dependent on the type, especially crows which meant death. Beside him was Belphegor. He looked more demon than human and possessed no vessel. His devil tail swayed behind him, his temper rising from being summoned. He was best known for his laziness, which is why he'd fit perfectly as a Knight for he only cared to make so many paces. He scratched the side of his flesh, itching it but scratching so deep that he created a cut on the side of his face that bled. He was too lazy to care about it. Since Satan was ruler of them all, he didn't care to enforce his opinion on whether he wanted to play or not. Like Mammon who stood beside him, it was his job to seduce men through wealth in order to turn them evil. Although unlike Mammon, he wasn't in it for the profit. Mammon on the other hand, portrayed a scrawny, innocent human looking deity. Powerful he was but didn't show it on the outside. He was quiet and kept to himself unless there was a deal to be made. The others immediately went inside the board when they came from the sky so Mephisto or Lord Loss didn't have the chance to see them unless they looked down on the board. The three were explained what was going on by Satan then entered the board in their rightful places inside. Since we were the good side, we were considered the white pieces and white always got to go first.
"So the game begins."

Inside the board I was in a complete white area. It felt like emptiness but I saw in the distance there was blackness. I was smart, I knew how this game would be played. I was in a white slot on the chess board. I wondered where on the board the others were scattered and what piece I was. I looked up to the sky and I saw the faces of Mephisto and Lord Loss. So I was right after all. I couldn't move unless I was told to, I had to wait to be told what to do. I wondered if anyone was near me though so I called out loud. "Grubbs, Kernel?!" I waited and got nothing. "Amaymon, Bran!?" I wonder if sound carries through here or if they instantly were commenced in battle. I was frightened to think any of us could die at any moment but I had to have faith in them.

Lord Loss Pieces:
Leviathan - Bishop
Belphegor - Knight
Beelzebub - Pawn
Asmodeus - King
Mammon - Queen
Agares - Rook

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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:38 am

(Lol xD Haha, yeah, you did a freaking amazing job on it!)

I opened my eyes to find myself completely shrouded in darkness. I must have been placed in of the black squares. Oh well, it'd just make the battle more interesting, aye? I summoned magic into the palm of my hand and created a ball of light. It hovered over my head and I took this chance to look over my surroundings quickly. It wouldn't be long before the game began and I was forced into battle. I was surrounded by masses of black web. Strand after strand after strand. Could it be used to my benefit or to the enemies', I wondered. Only time could tell. Suddenly, a thought hit me like a tidal wave. Was Bec alright?! "Bec!" I yelled, straining my hearing for an answer. Nothing. Sound couldn't carry out through the board. Damn. Determination flooded through me and I readied myself, conjuring up magic in my fingertips, eyes narrowed and alert. It was most likely that I would be going up against a high leveled demon, and therefore, I had to keep my guard up at all times.

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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:22 am

(I tried playing multiple games of Chess with this layout and it didn't seem to work out very well even though I tried to use as very little methods and movements as possible. We'll base our battles off of this. We'll skip most of the useless movements and only add the fights. And I also forgot to mention, when I played this I made Beranabus King and Bec Queen. The Queen is the one you want to protect not the King, so it makes more sense this way. Due to having no fights or movements, Bec can work on healing herself the entire time. This way she'll be more or less prepared for the battle with Satan.)

1. Beranabus moves to A6.
2. Asmodeus moves to B4 and takes out Cerberus.
3. Kernel moves from D5 to B4 and takes out Asmodeus.
4. Agares moves from F7 to A7.
5. Beranabus moves to F7 and takes out Agares.
6. Leviathan moves from G8 to B3.
7. Grubbs moves from C2 to B3 taking out Leviathan.
8. Belphegor moves from F3 to D2.
9. Grubbs moves from B3 to E6.
10. Belphegor moves from D2 to F1.
11. Beranabus moves from A7 to B6.
12. Belphegor moves from F1 to G3.
13. Grubbs moves from E6 to F7.
14. Mammon moves to H4.
15. Beranabus moves from B6 to H6.
16. Mammon moves from H4 to G4.
17. Amaymon moves from A1 to G1.
18. Mammon moves from H4 to F3.
19. Amaymon moves from G1 to E1.
20. Beelzebub moves from E5 to D5.
21. Grubbs moves from F7 to D5 taking out Beelzebub.
22. Mammon moves from F3 to G4.
23. Grubbs moves from D5 to C6.
24. Belphegor moves from G3 to F1.
25. Grubbs moves from C6 to D7.
26. Mammon moves from G4 to G3.
27. Beranabus moves from H6 to H3.
28. Mammon moves from G3 to F4.
29. Beranabus moves from H3 to G4 taking out Mammon (the queen), winning them the game.

(So here's what will happen in terms of fight line up's. I hope this helps.)

Asmodeus vs. Cerberus =Winner Asmodeus
Kernel vs. Asmodeus = Winner Kernel
Beranabus vs. Agares = Winner Beranabus
Grubbs vs. Leviathan = Winner Grubbs
Grubbs vs. Beelzebub = Winner Grubbs
Beranabus vs. Mammon = Winner Beranabus

I opened my eyes to see complete darkness around me. This wasn't something to worry about. Darkness did not scare me for I lived inside of it. This is the beauty of having hearing. In situations like this you are just like a blind person, you're vision is gone and your other four senses are inhanced. I inhaled a deep breath of air and decided I would look around. I could not know where in the chess board I was nor who our enemies were but that did not phase me. Whoever the enemy - They would not defeat me. I am Amaymon, the Earth King! Whatever familiars Lord Loss had set upon us were sure to burn to ash by my flames. I supposed I should take a stroll while my brother called the shots from above. I slipped a hand into my pocket popping a jaw breaker into my mouth and picked up my feet off the ground to stand. "How troublesome. Lord Loss seems to be entranced by this along with Father. But how long do they continue to play games and hide from reality?" I hummed to myself silently. I entered white space then black then white then black again and came to a halt. I then wondered about that girl, Bec. She was very precocious; blooming violently like a wild flower. It seemed like everyone had their eye on her but I didn't see what was so special about her. She was just a measly human with magical talent. Sound didn't seem to travel through her otherwise I would have heard the others by now. Earth King or not, I could not sense vibrations in the ground beneath my feet to sense where they are. It was all a mystery to us where one another were. Let us hope we do not fall behind on this game of wits.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:53 am

(Mephi...Bran...Come back...Or I'll send the scary Kelly after you in your sleep. e_o

And and and and, I'll cry. And start singing Baby come back, only the song will go like
"Baby come back, any kind of demon could see
There was something in everything about you
Baby come back, you can blame it all on Amaymon
Bec was wrong, and she just can't live without you!" xD Anyways...I'm not FORCING you to come back but you know...I miss you...More than Amaymon does, cause Amaymon is a loser who's completely self-centered if you know what I mean. And speaking of which, ignore Amaymon's game play. I have a better one I did and if you ever decide to come back online I'll send it to one of you through a message. Because you know...I'M SO MUCH BETTER THAN AMAYMON. ;D *Insert all the times the men were all over Bec compared to the no girls ever all over Amaymon* Winning, like a sir.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)   

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The Wager (Bec and Mephisto only)
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