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 ASL (American Sign Language) Songs found by Tenten

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ASL (American Sign Language) Songs found by Tenten  Empty
PostSubject: ASL (American Sign Language) Songs found by Tenten    ASL (American Sign Language) Songs found by Tenten  EmptyMon Jan 23, 2012 10:24 pm

mkaay!! soo i'm just spreading my love for ASL and ASL songs! since I've been learning ASL for three years already ( cuz requirement for Graduation xPP well actually only 2 years are needed BUT i just love ASL ) ANYWAYS!! i just wanna show my love for it and show how amazing it is!! especially when it's showing the true meaning of the song.

okay!! so one of my ALL TIME favorite songs is the Where is the Love by Black Eye Peas and this girl... i admire her!! well i found out about her from my ASL teacher but my friend she looks up to her a lot and i found out i feel the same! NOW I mus point out that she's not signing ALL the words in the lyrics she actualy shows the true meaning for Deaf people to understand it the way we hearing people understand it and SO!! here she is!!

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ASL (American Sign Language) Songs found by Tenten
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