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 Rin and I Only

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PostSubject: Re: Rin and I Only   Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:54 pm

“Perhaps we can discuss this more outside of the lab...”

The boy blinked, outside? He hadn't really seen much of the outside so he smiled happily, nodding. It'd be great to get accustomed to the area he was in after all. During the time Nemu was speaking to the Captain, Rin looked around the lab some more, most of these things were unsual to him - whether they had them back where he came from or not, he wouldn't know. Even though he knew such jobs like these existed, he hadn't really found them interesting until now. He was like a little kid in a newly built Toy Shop, wanting to touch every button to see what it did. Although, before the boy could even do that, he knew he should stay with the Captain.

“Make sure everything is shut down. I'm taking the boy with me so keep an eye on the lab while I'm gone.”

Rin looked back towards Mayuri after the conversation, noticing him beginning to walk out. Deciding to follow the Captain outside, Rin smiled at Nemu happily as they left. Being able to go back outside made the boy happier, he was able to take in the new surroundings he wasn't quite accustomed to. Although many things around the area they were looked the same so it was as if they were going around in circles at first. But the boy had enjoyed himself so far.

"What are you hungry for?”

The boy blinked quietly,That's right... he hadn't even thought about the type of food that this place had. What if he chose something that the Captain despised? Pondering in thought for a few seconds, the boy finally spoke. "Anything really..." He responded quietly. - although he had a thin figure, he still ate an awfully lot and he wasn't quite sure if the Soul Society had even heard of Sukiyaki, his favourite dish from The world of the living. But that being said, he would eat almost anything given to him - he would just let the Captain choose.
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Mayuri Kurotsuchi


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PostSubject: Re: Rin and I Only   Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:47 am

'Perhaps I should leave him. Let him die off in his own world, never to cross paths again unless for scientific purposes,' Mayuri thought to himself. Thinking past their breakthrough on Rin's origins, Mayuri was known to discard things once he obtained all the information he acquired unless he felt it would be needed in a later time, lest he keep it around for safe keeping. Rin was not an object to hide or keep. He was a living creature, be that as it may, he deserved to live his life rather than being cooped up in Mayuri's lab for god knows how long - until he felt Rin's skills were needed, likely.
Shaking off the thought, Mayuri reached into the inner part of his kimono, making sure he had all his equipment on him still in tact. Viles after viles could be found in different pockets, not that many knew. Few assumed it was only a couple. It was quite the surprise that not many of them had broken on impact while in his many battles throughout the years. He took a mental note to make stronger casings, just in case of an incident to come in the near future.
His stomach rumbled once more. A certain place popped into his head in that moment. A place he had long since been when in his gigai among the living in the Precipe world. It was a noodle place, surveying various Japanese dishes he found to his liking.
"So be it."
Creating a garganta once reaching a spacing large enough to create one, Mayuri stepped through, expecting Rin to follow behind in suite without him needing to look back to check. The place was just a few blocks down. In short time, they arrived. Hesitating at the door, he turned to face the boy. "I did not bring a gigai with me, meaning I cannot order my own food. I trust you to get us both something, can you manage?" He handed him over a couple of yuans. "Just pork and rice, if you please."
Finding a suitable spot on a bench near the parking lot, Mayuri individually made his way over and sat down, awaiting for the boys return.
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Rin and I Only
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