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 Alice B-Rabbit

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PostSubject: Alice B-Rabbit   Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:00 pm

Name: Alice
Alias: Bloodstained Black Rabbit or simply B-Rabbit
Sex: Female
Age: Appears 13 physically 113
Species: Chain
Height: 150 cm
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Brown
Affiliation: Pandora
Partners: Oz Bezarius and Gilbert Nightray
Contractor: Oz Bezarius
Relatives: Will of the Abyss (Twin sister)

Human Life:

Alice was a born a human 100 years ago, she belonged to the Baskervilles and was then locked up in a tower by Glen, excluded from the rest of the world be cause Glen wanted the power of the abyss to destroy the world when Lacie died (he loved her, also possible father to Alice and Alyss) or to bring her back to life somehow.. One day Jack Vessalius stumbled on it and met Alice for himself, the two of them became friends and Jack would often visit Alice to play with her.

One day, Jack brought Gilbert and Vincent with him to greet Alice, though it didn't go over well as Alice immediatly made fun of Vincent's red eye for bringing misfortune, this caused Gil to get mad at Alice and pull her hair. This made Vincent hate Alice, not because of what she said about his eye, but because she upset Gil, he one day delivered Alice her cat with the eyes cut out by Vincent, making Jack worry. During Jack's many visits, he would notice something off about Alice. Seemingly, every other day she'd switch personalities, being light and happy one day and dark and sinister the next. This also troubled Jack.

Then one day, Glen took Gilbert from Jack because 100 years had passed since he inhabited a new body, and so he needed a new one. Jack couldn't change Glen's mind, and initially made Glen recall Lacie, making him threaten Jack if he did not leave. Alice had heard from Jack that Gil was taken by Glen and was going to be killed and reinhabited by Glen, she told Vincent of this one day while he was frantically searching for his older brother.

Vincent managed to stop the Ceremony before Glen could transfer Raven into Gil's body and before Gil could be killed, meaning that Glen's 100 year old body would die. Soon after The Tragedy of Sablier broke out for reasons still unclear. Alice was murdered during the Tragedy of Sablier, no one knows who killed her. But after she was killed as a human she and the will of the Abyss broke their connection with the human-world when they used Alice's body to switch soules every day. The other Alice known as B-rabbit came to the abyss but not to The will od the Abyss, no, to the lower level where chains and illegal contractores came, after a while in the abyss, as you know people turns into chains and Alice turned into B-rabbit.

As a Chain:

Alice apparently had numerous Contractors throughout the next century, but sooner or later she slaughtered them and returned to the Abyss, it is unknown why she did so. However, in the first episodes in the anime, it is revealed that Alice has never contracted anyone before meeting Oz, therefore it is possible that Oz is her first contractor.

Alice was in the Abyss when she heard the melody of the Pocket Watch after Oz Vessalius opens it and feels as though someone is calling out to her.
When The Baskervilles attack Oz at his Coming of Age Ceremony, she appears in her B-Rabbit form, though Oz sees her as just Alice. She claims that Oz is her property and that no one is to mess around with her property. This starts a fight between Fang, herself and another Baskerville. Though she fights back hard, Oz slashing his way through his bestfriend Gil after he protects the unknown Baskerville distracts her and so she is defeated and sent back into the Abyss, while the Baskervilles send Oz to the Abyss for existing.

When Oz comes to the Abyss, Alice saves him from being devoured by a Trump Card. Oz recalls the few memories of Alice and calls her the "sexual harassment girl" which Alice responds to by kicking him. Alice and Oz go to the place where Alice spends most of her time, where she explains Chains to Oz and that she is, in fact, a Chain as well. When he asks her about when he first saw her, when she'd tried to kill him, she has no idea what he's talking about. This is because the Will of the Abyss attacked Oz desguised as Alice earlier that day.
Alice explains to Oz that the only way to escape the Abyss is to create a contract with a Chain, as well as how to do so. He reluctantly starts the Ceremony when he disappears. Alice tracks Oz down just as Oz discovers that who saved him wasn't Sharon Rainsworth, whom he met earlier that night, but in fact was another Chain, The Mad Baby. Alice once again saves Oz and allows herself to be swallowed by The Mad Baby, because she knows that Oz will Contract with her to "save her". She destroys The Mad Baby from the inside after Oz completes the first part of the Contract, and sucked some of the blood from the wound Mad Baby had given her earlier. Then she kisses him in order to force him to swallow her blood and complete the Contract. Alice takes over his body momentarily as she releases her power to get them out of the Abyss, through The Way and into Oz's World.

Oz wakes and discovers that he was saved by Pandora members, Xerxes Break, Sharon Rainsworth and Raven. They sit down and eat briefly, explaining to Oz what Pandora is and all that had occured, before revealing to Oz that they were going to have to arrest him and bring him to Pandora's head quarters. Alice then takes over Oz's body again and grabs a nearby knife, which she uses to hold Sharon hostage when they reach the lower level of the Rainsworth mansion to protect Oz.

Break had expected that she would do something like that and so he casually uses his powers to throw Alice out of Oz. Break explained that she was different from other chains and had a personality, and then he used the sheath of his sword to push Alice against a wall and forcer her to tell them what her goal were now that she'd escaped from the Abyss. And she told them, her goal was to find her lost memories. Alice attacked again, but Break knocked her weapon out of her hand and as he went to strike her, Oz blocked her. Break was not expecting Oz to act this way as Oz agreed to cooperate with Break if Alice went unharmed, as she'd saved his life on several occasions.

Suddenly, a Trump Card breaks through The Way and into the humans' world. Break then asked Raven to release B-Rabbit's power so that Break could see it in full force. Alice takes the challenge and quickly kills the Trump. When Oz grabs the Pocket Watch, which had been floating upwards as Alice fought, flashed some of Alice's memories. Break sees Alice unable to stop crying, although she doesn't understand why.

Break later offers them a companionship with Sharon, Raven,and himself, stating it they could possibly find Alice's memories on the way. As they are thinking, they are distracted by the setting sun and overcome with nostagia, and Alice desides that if her wish is granted she'd work with them.

Alice, Oz and Raven are sent off on a mission regarding an illegal contractor by Break. Alice falls asleep and so Raven and Oz walk through town searching for the Chain and its Contractor, though unknown to them, The Chain had sensed Alice's powers and so was drawn to her location. Alice is attacked by the Chain at the hotel and as she runs she notices something about the Contractor's Incuse. Alice meets up with Oz and Raven when its revealed that the Illegal Contractor is the Flower Girl that Oz had met earlier that day and almost immediatly the Incuse makes another rotation thus completing its cycle and so the Flower Girl and her Chain were dragged into the Abyss.
Oz, Raven and Alice are then in a carriage, heading back to the mansion which Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was held at. Raven explais that for Oz's Incuse to be erased, Alice must either be killed or they must search for an alterior solution. Soon Alice falls asleep again, only to wake when they arrive at the mansion and Raven goes in to investigate. Oz was explaining his relationship with Gil to Alice when they both head gun fire coming from inside. Alice rushed in with Oz to find that Raven had killed all the Pandora members who were patrolling the mansion. The Baskerville Zwei then used her Chain, Doldum, to control Raven and she reveals that he is infact Gil and that 10 years have passed since Oz was cast into the Abyss.

Alice is held down while Oz and Gil fight and eventually Gil breaks through Doldum's control and shoots Zwei. Oz then runs after an ashamed Gilbert, leaving Alice alone in the mansion. Alice is then confronted by the Will of the Abyss, who begins talking down to Alice immediatly, though she dissappears when Oz reapears and Alice dubs it as a dream. Alice then pushes Oz down a flight of stairs and explains to him that as he is her manservant, he can not leave her alone like that.

When Gil Oz and Alice once again come together, someone tells Oz that the Will of the Abyss had been following them for some time, and suddenly, the three experience one of Alice's lost memories. They then fall into a reality where the Will rules and find Alice bound in chains by the Will. The Will questions as to why Oz would want Alice so much after she's killed all her previous Contractors. Oz still chooses Alice over The Will, and he shoots the form of The Will, breaking her control and sending Alice, Gil and Oz back into reality.


In her human form, she has long dark brown hair which has two side plaits and purple eyes. She wears a red coat with a white diamond design, a black skirt and white boots. When she is in her released form, she appears as a rabbit with black fur, red pupils, and fangs who wields a giant scythe and wears the same clothes as she wears in her human form, except that she wears black pants instead of a skirt. Alice's personality appears to be cold and rude at the start, especially to Gilbert. Alice first appears as a chain that Oz forms a contract with in the Abyss. In fact, she is actually the infamous B-Rabbit (Bloodstained Black Rabbit), the strongest chain in the Abyss. Alice's goal is to find her lost memories, which play a major role in the story. She is hotheaded, loud spoken and says what she thinks without regard to the consequences. Due to her short temper, when talking she is energetically aggressive with persons she knows, a special mention goes to her usual verbal attacks on Gilbert. Despite this, she also has a soft side, especially when Oz is involved. She hates when Oz leaves her alone, but to hide it she usually mentions that he is her manservant and shouldn't leave her alone, or just hits him and says "Shut up". Through the series it is implied that she has started developing feelings for Oz, although it is unknown if these develop from her previous connection to Jack or not. It has been revealed that Alice was actually a human that was killed 100 years ago during the Tragedy of Sabrie. She has a huge appetite and loves meat especially. She often argues with Gilbert and calls him "Seaweed Head"; in retaliation, Gilbert calls her "Stupid Rabbit".

Abilities and Power:

Alice may be the most powerful character in both the series and the manga. (even her twin seems to be even more powerful after she is the intention of the abyss)

Chains: When in her battle form, she can shoot chains from behind her.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her size, she is actually very strong.

Transformation: She can transform into her human form and her battle form.

When Oz witnessed Alice's death in Cheshire's Dimension and went berserk, Break noticed that B-Rabbit had the same power as his Mad Hatter. To destroy everything related to Abyss.


Alice Human form:


Alice Battle Form:


Theme Song:


Song Lyrics:

artimora stodifia
marta mia carpita

artiora stodamia
cortiola castia

mortiasa mia canta (adima) difia

sortimora (camitita)
sordifia (martimenta)
mortimia ii ora la casa sora mia ita sodi alma (kasa)


artimora stodifia
marta mia carpita

artiora stodamia
cortiola castia

Rough Translation:

Elegent black imprisonment
Stealing me away

My limbs are bound
My time is short

To hear my song is deadly (Cast down thy) difficulties

Inevitable fate (You and Me)
Deaf to (These lies)
I killed my home and my sister, and hardend my soul (My home)

Now you know of it

Elegant black imprisonment
Stealing me away

My limbs are bound
My time is short

For those who haven't watched Pandora Hearts I'll explain what a Chain is

Chains are beings of the Abyss. At one point everyone of them was a human but over the course of at least 100 years, if the human manages to stay alive, they evolve into a greater entitey. The way a chain can escape from the Abyss is from contracting with a human, illegally or legally, and then escaping through the Way until they reach the outside world

A contract is formed when the Contracter verbally agrees to a contract and the chain feeds the contracter its blood.
When a chain is involved in a legal contract they are bound to a Blood Mirror, invented by Pandora, which catches the blood and completes the Incuse on the mirror, and the Chains are made tame.

Though when an illegal contract is formed the Chain is bound to an Incuse on the Contracters chest. The Incuse will make a full rotation when the power of the Chain is called upon enough times, 12 to symbolize a clock, and when this happens both the Contracter and the chain are dragged into the deepest levels of the Abyss. Occasionally, the Intention of the Abyss is met as she resides in the lowest level of Abyss. There is no known way to stop the rotation of the Incuse.

It seems that when the incuse is almost done with the rotation, the contractor gets hurt as the chain gets hurt. It not proven true that it could, but given that both William West and Elliot Nightray can feel pain could mean it's true. However it appears that when Echo/Zwei's chain gets hurt, she also gets hurt as well. It could mean that they have a connection or it means that there is more to the chain then known.

It appears that if the first orginal illegal contractor was to die before the seal on his chest was to make it back up again, then the chain would migrate to the second contractor who had formed it's contract. Like how Elliot was able to become the core for Humpty Dumpty as the child who made the contract die before the hand could go up again. Thus making other people be able to contract the same chain as the other one had.

It known that many chains can talk in human speech. However it appears that animal like chains can't though Raven and possibly the other black feathered birds like chain can talk as well though not proven.

Alice is the only chain to have a human form in which is rare and strange for a chain. Its not known as in how she was able to maintain her 100 year old human form. She can however change into her chain mode and revert back into her human self later.

Chains often eat humans rather than any normal types of food. Alice however seems to rather enjoy meat than eatting human which is strange for an chain. Some chains don't seem to have a taste for humans as shown that most chains don't need to eat in order to live.

Now this Anime is kinda a base from Alice in Wonderland, But with Chains and Contractors involoving the Abyss. Chains are very Similair to that of a Hollow but they don't eat each other like a Hollow does, and they can contract with Humans. Characters that came from the Alice in Wonderland idea name wise is Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Jabberwocky but called Jabberwock in PH.
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Alice B-Rabbit
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