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 Kumoricon 2011!!!

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Lanna Kurotsuchi
Lanna Kurotsuchi

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Kumoricon 2011!!! Empty
PostSubject: Kumoricon 2011!!!   Kumoricon 2011!!! EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 10:01 pm

Kumoricon 2011! Very Happy Anime Convention that was held in Downtown Vancouver this year. It was revolved in the park, the Hilton Hotel and the Red Lion.
Thus far all the picture's I post right now, are what I have on my phone and found on Deviantart from others.
Mayuri and Madara have more pictures which I think they will be posting them once they're downloaded. So for now, this is what I have T_T I know it isn't much.
(I think May is having me post his photo's he took at Con for him but I'm not sure yet...Still have to talk to him.)

Our Cosplay Group:
Me as Zetsu
Madara Uchiha as Tobi
Mayuri Kurotsuchi as (Kitty) Sasuke Uchiha (and the first day he went as Len from Vocaloids)
Hidan as Hidan
Gaijin as Random Soul Reaper with Shino's goggles (He was suppose to be Shino, but his cosplay didn't arrive in time.)

Anyways, this is all I have that was on my PHONE. So don't complain that there isn't that much xD

Prepping up for my Zetsu Cosplay, paint is now done.
Kumoricon 2011!!! 0903111924

Our Cosplay Group, excluding Tobi in this picture.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-1369

My Zetsu card I got for being the best Zetsu cosplayer there, and the only one might I add. It has a protective case and everything too to make it special Very Happy (Tobi also got one himself for being the best Tobi cosplayer there.)
Kumoricon 2011!!! 0905111828

I got an autograph on the back of my Con pass by David Vincent, the voice actor of the famous Grimmjow of Bleach. (I thought Grimm would love this if he saw on the site and be jealous xD)
Kumoricon 2011!!! 0905111829

The ONLY thing I bought in the Venders...A SPICE AND WOLF POSTER FUCK YES!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I was soooooooo sooo happy finding this cause I have NEVER seen a spice and wolf poster ever! So, I bought it without a second thought. Sexy aint it? yes, yes it is. >:3
Kumoricon 2011!!! 0905111835

SasukeXKakashi Yaoi pose. I was SO happy ;_; Thank you May for making my Yaoi Fantasies reality! XD haha
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-2391

Kakashi and I. This man, I glomped and hugged him to death. I kid you not. ._.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-757

Gai Sensei and Gai Sensei...Crying. XD Haha
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-2302

Gai Sensei and Kakashi APPROVE. (Haha, get it Madara?! Bwhahaha!)
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-393

Gai Sensei's trying to make Kakashi wear the Jumpsuit...FACEPALM.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-1352

Another Kakashi Cosplayer and I.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Downsize-240

My Deidara and Sasori for the 3 days with me in the middle. These girls were so fun at Con.
Kumoricon 2011!!! 0905111606

PICTURES OFF DEVIANTART OF US: The Naruto Photoshoot, what I've seen posted so far that is.

Our Madara and some other Shippuden Sasuke there, this was for the Yaoi Shoot. And yes, the Sasuke was kissing his mask! ;D
Kumoricon 2011!!! Kumoricon_sasuke_x_tobi_by_essencekaulitz-d48wfne

Sasuke (Mayuri) and Zetsu (me) for Yaoi shoot. Everyone fangirled at this twisted messed up pairing, and then when we kissed they all screamed and laughed haha
Kumoricon 2011!!! Kumoricon_sasuke_x_unknown_by_essencekaulitz-d48wenb

Team hebi. Our Sasuke (Mayuri) at the very left on the end.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Kumoricon_sasuke_s_by_essencekaulitz-d48wdz2

Naruto Group. You can see me behind the Kyuubi, Hidan behind me and our Tobi is in the back so you can't see him. Idk where our Sasuke went in this pic.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Naruto_gathering_9_by_essencekaulitz-d48wdq2

Naruto Pre-shippuden Group, our Sasuke is the one in between Hinata and Sakura.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Naruto_gathering_8_by_essencekaulitz-d48wdmy

Only me in our group in this pic.
Kumoricon 2011!!! Naruto_gathering_1_by_essencekaulitz-d48wcmu

Kumoricon 2011!!! A48f746f
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Raita Kurokaji

Raita Kurokaji

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PostSubject: Re: Kumoricon 2011!!!   Kumoricon 2011!!! EmptyMon Mar 26, 2012 1:06 am

Le gasp! so awesome T.T I wanted to be there!

It is inevitable Humanity is broken and thus we will destroy ourselves in the end
Kumoricon 2011!!! Demon
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Kumoricon 2011!!!
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