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 Miharu's Novels & Info

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Miharu Hachiko
Miharu Hachiko

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PostSubject: Miharu's Novels & Info   Miharu's Novels & Info EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 5:15 pm

Most of you are aware I'm a writer I hope ._. Anyways, I thought I'd post this since I'm pretty much finishing my current book I wrote. And on the last few website I posted some stuff on it but nothing official. Well, yes I have an editor and I WILL be getting some of my books published. Which ones? I'm not sure yet, time will tell. ^^

I have more than these two books but I'm just for now showing you only these two, because my other novels I haven't made cover's for yet.
Also just cause it has my real name on the pictures, please don't like start stalking me and looking for me on every website you can think of .___. I have enough of some creeper followers as it is. Dx
But I mean if you really have THAT strong of a will to stalk me I'll just go ahead and legally change my name to Karl or something xD

My first book I've ever written called Crystal and Rose The Forgotten.


Miharu's Novels & Info Crystal_and_rose_the_forgotten_by_bleach_red_abyss3-d45h9uu

Synopsis (Summary):

Two sisters strive to get revenge on the murderer of their long dead mother. Crystal & Rose live with their uncle Lawrence after having no other person to go to. But what happens when you find out that hatred is just a given thing? Each girl has a certain problem they must face during such a time period, that may in fact scar them for life. When the time comes, will they have to return to their dreadful past that they soon forgotten so long ago? After so long, who will make the choice of life & death among the family tree? Past fatalities become a flicker in the eyes of such young children, as they find themselves in a new era of demons, bloodshed, and pain.

Excerpt from the book itself:

Screaming whispers, shackling rings, pulse pounding breathes. Wakening from the nightmarish hell, it was repetitive. Yet very seductive. Lips split apart, heat exchange. Eyes locked and loaded, very indescribable. Destruction to all felt needed, but was withdrawn from play. Massacres erupt from utter silence, rippling in the swamp of red blood shed. Moist, hot, it was all the same. Was it? No, not necessarily. He held withdrawals, pondering what moves to play next. "It was just a dream..." bellowed the man, his voice simmering down to a small scatter of words. "I'll protect them with my life, and make sure this nightmare never becomes reality." Now, he steps up, takes a stand, and puts the plan into action with a loud clang of violence bestowed upon him.

Poems, un-dieing words, informative repulse, why? Turn up the temperature before I explode, drastic ways, I can't begin to even describe the intent you put on me. Swipe the gun and pull the trigger, letting the pulse go blank wise, you chuckle. Was it worth it? Maybe. Relax, were here alone. No one to hear the screams. Ha, you little thief, you stole the dreams of the sacred ones, informing the others on your ideas when they believed you to be a mere maggot, impressive. I can't escape this place, where to go now? Follow in your foot steps...No, that would be to drastic. Lick the blood you spilled and hope to god it doesn't keep dripping before you have time to get caught. Henceforth rip the silence of the night; bang. Quite, how so can this be? Did I not do the attempt to it's full extent? Seems these lies will continue to unfold until someone decides to make sense. Which will in fact be never. Laughs echo throughout the hall, turning, I wince. You came back. How? Didn't we already kill you? We? I...Such ravishingly idiotic you've become. Now, the time has come once again, but this time, I'm going to finish the job...

Second Book I've written called Undone.

Cover (Will be changing, I hate this cover so much >.<):

Miharu's Novels & Info Bookcover2

Synopsis (Summary):

Alexa Pein was born to exist for one purpose, to destroy the demon lord and lead the humans to war against the demons achieving victory, defeat will not be accepted. With only but a note from birth can she use this to lead her to the truth behind her past parents. Vincent being in power, Alexa was heir to the throne of becoming the Demon queen. But now she'll have to choose if she wishes to keep her past, or destroy it from existence.
New horrors will arise. She must face more than just her the demons but the truth behind her dead mother and her aunt, how they were destined to become prodigies...

Excerpt from the book itself:

Screaming and chaos, a rampage condemning them all. Solemn; tears filled eyes. Bloody triumphant hands, barbaric styles. Tossed bodies into the burning bond fire, the count just keeps growing. The cries keep growing louder. Swords clashed, the sound of shattering metal banging against another. Pierced skin, a deepened sky with the full moon set upon the stars superior. Fleeing from the scene, many ran. In war, both sides are the enemy, there is no good side. The sublime vague critique. Pants, running feet, undependable people to rely on, only yourself.
It was, a massacre. Melodious impaled flesh, the everlasting breathe passing the lips, soul ripped out and eaten by the gods.
Families, lovers, children, peasants, the rich, the demonic, all sorts were there. The rain poured heavily draping hair over the saddened faces, the torn members of a clan. Yelling between both sides. The magicians were attacking the demons territory. Remote households were blasted away as well, anything that was marked by the species being destroyed. Some humans had been captured by the demons and held hostage having to live within the confinements of their imprisonment, having no choice but to remain for the sake of their children. The war was on behalf of the hybrids, a war to stop them from coming up, to kill them all.

Third Book I've written called Forbidden Memories.


Miharu's Novels & Info Forbidden_memories_book_cover_by_bleach_red_abyss3-d45hbak

Synopsis (Summary):

Have you ever believed in Reincarnation? Has anyone ever been able to remember their past life once or twice back? But what if you past came back for you, because you couldn't let go? Catreena and Kaylee are two normal girls, living a normal life. But when they have a scary encounter with a violent man and another man breaking into their house both wanting one thing, will the two girls be willing to give it to them? Returning to their once loved ones from their past lives, can they give up what they had already gained, or will they be forced to choose one life over the other. Choosing life over life, never became so hard until now...

Except from the novel itself:

Lunging forward she stabbed the knife right into him. The blood oozed out of him dripping onto her hands and splattered onto her face and clothes from the rough impact. The wind blew lightly against them as a shiver was sent down all of their spines. Almost as though it was timing the moment. An indicator she was cold hearted for her action, just like the chill brushing against her skin. Breathing escaped the lips as the body trembled from the impale of the rigid blade pelting deep into his thorax. The fingers shook with the lack of feeling bringing a hand up to grab at the torn flesh. Blood, there was so much blood from just a minor wound such as this. It wasn’t enough. No longer was holding back an option. Ripping the knife back out the girl then thrashed violently at every part of his body, more blood squirting across her torso and soaking up his clothing with the vermilion shade of liquid. Some may say just by entering the scene she could be accused as a murderer. No, she wasn’t that at all. It was out of defense dare she proclaim, the jury turned against her for better lack of judgment. Jin could feel his limbs no more, rather breath even a slight bit of air within his torn up lungs. Every bit of his body screamed for retribution but how could he when his body was becoming a live slab of meat to be shredded up and carved. The knife now dropped to the ground, the girl backing up with eyes dazed in a deep bit of slumber. The body was in a trans, it moved on it’s own, it was just a dream, wasn’t it?No, it was real, all real.His body then collapsed to the ground, aching one last time, making its final twitch then lost all life within it. The soul had now drifted apart from the host, separating the binding it once had. Looking at her hands, tears dripped down into them mixing in with the blood. No longer had Jin been the true culprit of his intentions to be murder, but the tables had now turned upon Cat revealing who truly was at fault. Guilt now seeped into her body, had she have controlled herself this would have never happened. But he deserved it, oh he deserved it so! He was the first to bring pain upon her, she was simply returning the favor! So why did it come to this, why did the pain reside within her, instead of the pain residing with him when his soul departed…It was madness, that’s all it was from the start. Death was never a toll truly wished upon a person by anyone, granted it will happen to each inevitably whether wanted or not. Choosing ones decision of life over death, it was never granted to a person. It was called breaking the laws. People are not supposedly allowed to kill people, only when their time comes can it truly be accepted. Sinning, was breaking the law. As all know, we punish the sin not the sinner, so how truly does that logic work?
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Miharu's Novels & Info
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