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 Ivy's Bio (Used to be Amaya but Amaya died)

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PostSubject: Ivy's Bio (Used to be Amaya but Amaya died)   Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:19 pm

Name: Ivy
Species: Cat Demon
Age: Ancient (Looks to be around her teens)
Height: 5 "0
Weight: 100 lbs.
Weapons: Her deadly claws and if she's in her panther form, herself even.
Bio: Not much is known about Ivy's past, except that she's a very old demon who looks to be around her teens. She's practically an alley cat. She's mischievious, flirty, and acts like a child at times. She really likes fish but usually thinks it makes the food taste better when she steals it from someone else. At times she can be serious but she mostly takes pleasure in other peoples misfortunes. She hates rain, water in general, dogs, and when things don't go her way. Other than fish, she loves what cats usually like, but she also loves to cause trouble, fight, and toy with her prey before killing them. She doesnt just go for the neck and she's done. She's like a cat with a mouse. She bats it around for a bit then when she's had her fun, she kills it and sometimes would eat her prey. She has three forms, one of a cat, her most vulnerable which she uses only to crawl into smaller spaces or escape more swiftly when needed to. In her human-like form, her claws can grow and retract at will, but they also contain poison in them so when she scratches someone, they suffer a slow and painful death. She's also flexable like a cat and quite agilic. Her final and most fierce form is that of a panther. That's the one you'd want to avoid. She only uses it whenever she's pissed off and with this form, she would claw your face off if she wanted to. Her claws are also venomous with this form. It's only when she's an average cat size that she's harmless, but can still leave a mark.

Her Cat form:

Her Human form:
(No Pictures yet)

Her Panther form:
(No pictures yet)

Her voice in japanese:

Her voice in english:

Her voice in spanish (Why? Because I'm spanish XP):

(Yeah just stop when it ends the first time or till the big guy starts singing it.)
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Ivy's Bio (Used to be Amaya but Amaya died)
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