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 Kage's Bio

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PostSubject: Kage's Bio   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:53 pm

Name: Kage
Gender: Male
Species: Two Tailed wolf Demon
Partner: Usagi the Red (She is a red wolf demon)
Personality: He has a cold demeanor comparing his over excited ego. He is smart, completely beating all odds against him. Missions are done quick when he gets them from Usagi. But when angered he becomes a killer of the no mercy policy this form however only shows itself when he is near death it saves his life.
History: Once a human by the name of Gerralt Revanor he was a Prince of Kurayami no tochi (Land of Darkness). He was so powerful in both land and army that the rebellion started during the fight the rebels managed to trap Gerralt and one killed him with an arrow through the heart. To save his life he made a deal with the devil is exchange for his soul. Nothing but a pawn he had no soul now. Usagi managed to free him by sharing half her soul with him. He then became a wolf demon with two tails. She then gave him the name of Kage from that day on.

(Looks are in the art forum under My Videos ^_^)
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PostSubject: Re: Kage's Bio   Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:58 pm

History Continued: He was reborn as a young pup being smaller then the other wolves and other creatures he had to run often. His two tails didn't help since most hated demons in his land. When he grew he saved a young kitten named Miseria. Miseria was in the wrong place at the wrong time finding two hounds that wanted to make her a quick lunch. While running Kage heard the yowls of Miseria calling for help and he rushed in. Nearly killing the hounds and saving the young kittens life. Miseria later tells him she is a host to hold the power of Eternal Immortality. Which she bestows onto him when he was near death, dying and was beyond all help but that choice. Miseria saves his life but in return he had to protect her and Usagi forever.
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Kage's Bio
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