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 Jon Uchiha's Biography

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Jon Uchiha


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PostSubject: Jon Uchiha's Biography   Fri May 13, 2011 10:26 pm

Name: Jonathan Uchiha
Age: 15-(16 in sept)
Birth Date: 9/07/1993
Weight: 110 lbs
Vision: Needs glasses
Kekkei genkai: Sharingan
Ninja acadmy graduation attempts: 1 (graduated at age 10)

Genin exam attempts: 1
Chunin exam attempts: 1 (chunin rank attained at 13)
Current rank: Jounin (attained at 15)
Previous rank: Chunin
Home village: Konohagakure----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
medical: 40/100%
taijutsu: 70/100%
genjutsu: 65/100%
ninjutsu: 100/100%
life reviving-ninjutsu: 0/100%
forbidden ninjutsu: ?/?% (unknown)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
likes: friends, sour gummy worms, people.
dislikes: people, assholes, enemies
hobbys: being with friends, protecting villagers.
personalty: (teenage) 60% emo, borderline depressive, caring, loving, clumsy, dumb,
Jon Uchiha is the youngest uchiha brother and the last surviving memeber of uchiha. Not as famous as his older brothers Itachi and Sasuke because he never did anything like a mass killing and then join an organization of ninja (itachi) or betray his village and join a traitor of the village. (sasuke). He has just lived his life up until now. He was picked on alot as a child because he had no remaning family as sasuke had left when he was 7, and itachi killed the family when he was 1.

He was very lazy as a child, and unlike his brothers who were top of the class he was an average student, average grades, and he graduated at age 10 in the middle spot of the class. He was thrown into squad 15 with his teacher Ide sensei, Chris munoz (the genin who graduated top of the class), and Nikki (i wont put her real name up right here. since this is the rp story.)

This squad was very similar to squad 7 Jon was like Naruto, Chris was like Sasuke, and Nikki was like Sakura (except the only diffrence there is that Nikki actually did useful things on important missions instead of screaming her head off like Sakura.) Another significance is that Chris and Jon-dispite being best friends always tried to bite each others heads off, they were also rivals.

Jon's strength came from his speed attribute, sharingan, and ninjutsu skills.
Chris's strength came from his intelligence, genjutsu skills, and strength attribute.
Nikki was the well rounded one- a mid range combat type who was even in taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu skills.

The squad went through everything together, from the chuunin exams, which they all passed (at the ages of 13 and 12), and were promoted to chuunin, suicidle missions, then later on at the ages of 15 (for Chris, and Jon) and 14 (for Nikki) they were promoted to ninja's of the jounin rank.

Other important people in Jon's life were Thomas, Alex, Fransisco, and Miharu. When ever Chris and Jon wernt with Nikki and Ide sensei they were with Thomas, Alex, and Fransisco. These friends basicly grew up together.

At the age of 14 Jon created a new jutsu. He learned the rasengan. Then using elemental recomposition he added lighting element to the mix, and created his rase-dori. Not only that but Jon's chakra was....special. He had a chakra defect that allowed him to master fire, water, lightning and wind element. The only element he couldnt master completly had been earth element. Using wind, water and lightning element Jon created his own chakra style: "storm element" Along with that came a new rase-dori "storm element: rase-dori" But this jutsu was 100x more powerful then jon's standard rase-dori, and as such the risks were also magnified by 100x. This was his only storm element jutsu, so he needed to make sure he landed a hit on his opponent. and it could only be used in a one on one fight. if he missed not only would he destroy the enviornment for a 500 ft radius. He was laible to lose his arm, lose all of his chakra, and even lose conciousness. if he hit the enemy would of course be killed, but all of the listed risks still had a good chance of happening. using it in a group fight would be risky because his team could get caught in the jutsu's shockwave. this jutsu was to use only as a last resort, during a "ive got nothing to lose" kind of battle.

One day; Jon, chris, and another ninja from konoha were on a A rank mission. during one of the battles with, chris went into the fight first, He battled hard, but got his ass kicked. Jon's entire squad in fact. Jon pulled out some shuriken, and threw them at one of the enemy ninjas who used chris as a human sheild. The shuriken blade sunk into chris's chest, and actually killed for about 5 mins. And even though the enemy used chris as a sheild, jon was the one who threw the shuriken.
So it counted as Jon killing chris. Thats how jon got his mangekyo sharingan.

Chris was able to be revived though as he was still BARELY clining to life. He was resesitated, and Jon got to awaken his mangekyo sharingan and keep his best friend.

When Jon was 15, something happend: Miharu decided to turn her back on the village. Jon tried to get to her but failed (im just leaving it at that cuz that part of the story has changed so much i dont remember the original! >.<). So now he's living his life as he normaly would, and will occasionaly see miharu, and try to bring her back.

Then at the age of 16 one of his biggest dreams came true. He was on a mission with the original team: Himself, nikki, chris, and their old sensei-ide. The mission was to find an enemy document and take it back to konoha. During an enemy ambush of very high level ninja the team was forced to retreat. During their retreat they got seperated. Jon and nikki ended up being stranded together and chris and ide ended up being stranded together. the whole team had been badly injured. Jon had numerous cuts and brusies. he had a broken wrist, a cracked rib, and a broken foot. Nikki was worse, she as well had numerous cuts and bruises, she had a broken leg (right), broken ankle (left), a cracked rib, and a broken arm. Using the very little medical ninjutsu jon knew he administerd basic first aid to try and ease her pain. he bandaged up her leg, ankle and arm. and patched her cuts. the 2 would be forced to wait the night before being able to move again. their only hope was ide and chris. but at one point, Jon and Nikki's eyes met. Jon had had a crush on nikki since their days at the acadamy. He carried his crush up until now. Nikki of course needed some source of security and comfert. She rested herself on Jon. He took off his tatered jounin vest and wrapped it around her. She looked at him with an affectionate smile of thanks, then she grabbed his hand, and she pulled herself up to him abit more, then the without warning, their lips met. when the kiss was broken they both knew they had found the one who would make each's dreams come true. Jon had moved from having a simple crush on nikki to falling completely in love with her, and she the same. The date of this night was october 2nd 2009. To this day the 2 are still a couple and are still very much in love
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Sasuke Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: Jon Uchiha's Biography   Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:56 pm

Epic bio Jon! Its really well written =)
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Jon Uchiha's Biography
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