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 Winter wonderland (anyone welcome)

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PostSubject: Winter wonderland (anyone welcome)   Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:29 pm

mountain's summit, a fierce blizzard, suddenly the natural serinity withen the madness of the strom is broken, a tear in space-time. Lightning formed of pure null-world magic clears the snow for 10 feet in all directions, then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the rift vanished leaving a weary champion in its place.

Having traveled through the null-realm looking for a world he search to help him protect his home Kassadin found himself lost in a furious blizzard, weary from his time in the void he knew he would lose conciousness and die if he did not make haste and so he made for the caves a ways down the mountainside hoping for any form of shelter through the storm.
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Bane Khrondel


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PostSubject: Re: Winter wonderland (anyone welcome)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:03 pm

"Damn, this blizzard is more annoying than I thought," Bane said to himself as he walked through the snow. He was tasked with delivering a package to a town on the other side of the mountain tops, and it was a task only Bane could handle. As he walked he held his hand a little above his head to try to see. But as he walked further, he noticed something strange. He paused for a moment, stared, and started to walk towards it. There was an area that had practically no snow on it at all. But the wierdest part was that it made a perfect circle, which was impossible for any human to do, especially in weather like this. As he looked around, he noticed, however, that the circle wasn't exactly perfect... Off on one side of the cleared area he saw foot prints in the snow that lead to the cave. The foot prints had seemed to start in the middle of the circle, because there were no other sides with tracks other than his own. Curious, Bane followed the prints to a cave were he entered and stared into the darkness. "Hello?" He yelled as his voice echoed through the cave.
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PostSubject: Re: Winter wonderland (anyone welcome)   Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:30 pm

(Hey, can i join?)

Reglen was nested deep in the corner of a cave, tying to stay warm. A fuzzy kitten head popped out from under her coat, and went right back in the second the cold air hit it's leathery nose. She herd a loud echo of some ones voice, she winced and hid her face, thinking it would make her invisible.
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PostSubject: Re: Winter wonderland (anyone welcome)   

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Winter wonderland (anyone welcome)
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